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What Our Patients Say


I have suffered from tinnitus since I was a child. Through the years the ringing and hum in my ears have been a constant companion. Recently though, I have been experiencing much more ringing and other sounds like clicking and beeping noises; and for about four months it was harder and harder to hear past the ringing and it caused my hearing loss to be worse. After this time, I decided to get hearing aids. What a difference! They have changed my life!

The first day I wore them it was like a light turned on for me. It seemed like I was hearing everything for the first time. The Zen mode turned down my tinnitus lower than I had experienced in years. The emotions I felt for those first few hours were gigantic. Tears flowed hearing music in a way I hadn’t heard in decades. Hearing my wife’s voice, hearing my daughter’s voice clearing than I ever remembered hearing them move me beyond words. Walking in nature has become an adventure in hearing the natural sounds of water and wind in the trees.

Over the past few weeks I have worn them the strange clicking and beeping have subsided and the ringing is down to the low hum, a bothersome background noise that no longer interferes with my hearing. I have gotten so used to wearing them that I often forget I have them on, I almost went to bed with them in! I no longer feel isolated not being able to hear everything and what people say to me. My friends and family have all noticed a drastic improvement in my personality. I am no longer questioning what they say to me, because it is clear to my ear. My next-door neighbor is a doctor and he and his wife both asked what is different about me, that I’m much more outgoing. And my wife likes not having to repeat everything she says to me! I cannot express just how much these have improved my life!

Thank you Hearing Health Clinic”

-Thaddeus Verhaegh

I was very impressed on my first visit to Hearing Health Clinic. There was no high pressure sales at all. My hearing test was very thorough and I went home with a hearing aid to try. I liked it from day one!! When I returned 10 days later I was convinced I needed to purchase – and I’m so glad I did!

It has been an excellent experience from the beginning.”

– Carolyn Smith

At the age of 74, I find myself still working to give me something to do besides ‘putter’.  I have been working in retail for the past 20 plus years and was beginning to think I’d have to quit because I was losing my hearing and background noise was getting to be more than I could handle.  In some areas of the store, I could not understand what customers or co-workers were saying.

Dr. Libbie Shell and Hearing Health Clinic have been my heroes.  With their experience, expertise and understanding, they have extended my ‘working life’ immeasurably.  From the first time I walked in their door, I knew I was in the right place to get the help I needed.  Hearing Health Clinic is full of knowledgeable, compassionate professionals, eager to help you get back to a normal life.  I’m still working after three years and find I don’t use a popular phrase as much as I used to: ‘What did you say?'”

– Joe Harrison

When I first started wearing the devices, it was like having new glasses:  everything sounded freakishly clear, and I noticed details that I hadn’t heard in years. This is like listening to a Dolby S-encoded cassette without the decoder turned on, only more so. But after a while I became accustomed to the sound, until now it just sounds natural – except that I can understand speech and hear soft music. My brain has adapted and provides the necessary decoding.

The fidelity is spectacular – and I’m speaking as an audiophile now. I can listen to music and enjoy it more, and the hearing aids only enhance the experience – they don’t get in the way, as I feared they might. Low-volume live music is audible and enjoyable again. I have noticed zero distortion or overload with loud music, and no compression artifacts with sudden dynamic changes. My family appreciates that I don’t have to turn up my sound system or the TV to deafening levels. Now I wonder why I waited so long to do this.”

– Karl Uppiano

I’ve experienced excellent service, I’d even say outstanding! This is my first experience with getting a hearing aid, and I’m very happy with my Phonak hearing aid. I’ve returned a few times for adjustments and each time I’ve received good service. I’ve told three friends about my hearing aid and how satisfied I’ve been with the Hearing Health Clinic. Hopefully they will be just as happy as I’ve been.”

– Mary Pooleon

From the first day I put on my hearing aids at Libbie’s office, I have only taken them out at bedtime or to shower. They have given me a whole new outlook on life. Now I join in on conversations and actually hear what is being said. I didn’t realize just what I was not hearing. My advice is to put them on, give yourself time to adjust and to think positive. They won’t help sitting in a drawer.”

– June Grinstead
A very satisfied wearer

When I went for a hearing test, I was sure it was just my left ear that was losing hearing. Much to my surprise, it was both ears. My hearing aids have been in both ears since the day I received them. There is some adjustments you have to make, but I was determined. I am so glad I have these hearing aids now. It is very nice to not have friends repeating everything to me. Hearing is a very important part of life, don’t hesitate just do it.”

– Pauline Bradley

I have been wearing hearing aids from Hearing Health Clinic since 2002. The first ones were ideal and I was completely satisfied and able to hear well, not only in small groups but also in larger ones, such as concerts, plays, etc.

In 2006, I had cancer of the hard palate and after surgery and radiation, my hearing as almost completely destroyed. It eventually did come back to a certain extent but the hearing aids were not sufficient with the damage. With new hearing aids, I am able to hear again in small groups and one on one.

I have had a wonderful relationship with Libbie Shell and the staff of Hearing Health Clinic. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty to give me all the support and encouragement I needed during the difficult time, and I am extremely grateful to them for being able to continue to have a social life, even with the damage I have sustained. I certainly can give them my highest recommendation”

– Mary Lee Wiser

My experience with Hearing Health Clinic has been a very positive, supportive time.  Although professional in every way, Jessica and staff have been warm, friendly and inviting.  She expressed personal interest in my life experience and journey in hearing loss.  She was proficient in the technical adjustments to make the hardware serve my hearing needs in the most efficient way.

Jessica treated me with focused attention and concern as I took the first steps toward addressing my hearing loss.  I highly recommend Hearing Health Clinic to anyone looking for the combination of professional service and personal care in an authentic, genuine way.”

– Arnold Allen