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Hearing Aid



Maintaining Your Investment

Marie-Howard-Audiology-and-Hearing-Aid-AssistantHearing Health Clinic goes above and beyond your initial consultation, hearing screening and hearing aid fitting. We want to make sure your hearing aids are working properly and performing as they should.

Meet Marie Howard. Marie is the Hearing Health Clinic’s Audiology Assistant. She is an incredible asset to our office and our patients. If you need help, here’s what she can do for you:

  • She can clean hearing aids and perform basic routine maintenance that doesn’t require the audiologist
  • She can troubleshoot hearing aids and perform minor repairs
  • For hearing aids that cannot be fixed in office, she can ship them to the manufacturer
  • She can answer questions when the doctors are busy
  • She can show patients how to clean and maintain their hearing aids

Stop by our office and get to know Marie. She is happy to help with your hearing aid questions.