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Our 2016 Give The Gift of Hearing recipient has been announced


Our grand prize giveaway at the 20th Anniversary Celebration was the Gift of Hearing. David Blander won this prize and gave the Gift of Hearing to Ann Adams. The timing of this gift was perfect. Ann, a retired school teacher, was thrilled to receive a free pair of premium digital hearing aids, accessories and batteries, along with 3 years of free services related to the evaluation, selection, fitting and servicing of her new hearing instruments.

give-the-gift-of-hearing-recipient-bellingham-waWe are excited to announce our Give the Gift of Hearing recipient — Chantell Kruse. Chantell will receive free pair of premium digital hearing aids, accessories and batteries along with 3 years of free services related to the evaluation, selection, fitting and servicing of the instruments. Thank you to everyone who nominated someone for this gift. It was difficult to pick just one recipient.

I would like to nominate a good friend of mine for your free hearing aids gift this holiday season. My friend is the most thoughtful and caring gal around. She is always the life of the party and down for a good time. She doesn’t let her lack of hearing bring her down but I also know she would love nothing more than to be able to hear like you and I. She has had 3 attempted surgeries to try to make hearing possible but all have failed. She has little to no hearing in one ear at all and the other is working overload to make up for the loss in the one. She has always had ear problems, something she was born with… So at a young age she just learned to start reading lips to help her understand words that she couldn’t hear.

She is a school bus driver and nearly failed the test this year because of her lack of hearing. Thankfully, she passed but she fears she may be in her last year(s) of driving if she doesn’t get something soon to be able to hear more normal. Being a single mom, she doesn’t have the money it will cost her for hearing aids and her insurance won’t cover it. Chantell would give the shirt off her back and her last pennies to anyone in need, I just want to give her the gift I feel she deserves this holiday season. I nominate Chantell and hope she gets the best gift ever this year!!!! Thanks for your consideration.
-Lindy S.

My name is Chantell. I was told by a friend that you needed some information regarding possible hearing aids. I am 35 years old and have had hearing problems my whole life. I had my first surgery in 1997 to try and repair my eardrum from all the damage as a kid. I don’t know the exact details on that surgery as I was younger, but I also had a Tympanoplasy surgery in 2012 and again in 2014 with Dr. Olson with Bellingham Ear Nose and Throat. Neither surgery improved my hearing.

Now I am left with the option of hearing aids. I currently drive School bus for Meridian School District and was told that next time they may not pass me for my CDL Physical if improvement wasn’t done with my hearing. I would love the opportunity for a better quality of life. Let me know if there is any other questions I can answer. Thank you for the opportunity for such an exciting thing! Hope to hear back from you!
-Chantell K.