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Audiologist in Bellingham, WA

Also Serving Patients from Lynden down to Mt. Vernon

We are committed to improving the lives of our patients by providing compassionate care, comprehensive solutions, and the knowledge required to enjoy a new-found sense of freedom and flexibility. From diagnostic evaluations to customized hearing instrument fittings, we take pride in providing a gold-standard of patient care. We have a passion for helping people hear their best and helping each patient reach their full hearing potential.

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"When I went for a hearing test, I was sure it was just my left ear that was losing hearing. Much to my surprise, it was both ears. My hearing aids have been in both ears since the day I received them. There is some adjustments you have to make, but I was determined. I am so glad I have these hearing aids now. It is very nice to not have friends repeating everything to me. Hearing is a very important part of life, don’t hesitate just do it."

- Pauline Bradley
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